Our Services

We work with entrepreneurs, investors, Fortune 500 firms, agencies and provide services in the three business areas to support global clients:

  • New Venture Development

  • Management Consulting

  • Global Entrepreneurship Market Programs


We are committed to the new venture development and global entrepreneurship arenas. We assist entrepreneurs, major firms and investors in conceptualizing, developing , financing, launching and managing new ventures.

We assist clients in developing business and financial plans.

We assist clients in developing capital formulation strategies to meet financial needs supporting operations and growth.

We assist in providing ‘turnaround’ management support for ‘problem’ developing and executing new strategies to maximize stakeholder value.

We work with a wide range of financial partners to address the needs of both early stage companies as well as major firms.

We assist new venture clients in developing alliance and exit strategies to maximize shareholder value.


Our Areas of Expertise

We understand today’s technologies that are driving exponential value creation models such as Internet of Things (IoT); big data; predictive analytics; wireless data technology and networks, among others.

We have experience in today’s high growth markets including healthcare, financial services, telecom, intelligent cities, transportation, and government

We understand today’s exponential growth business models as SaaS, PaaS and others and how to leverage these to develop defensible business plans

How We Work With Clients

We offer clients a range of new venture development and management services including:

  • New Venture Conceptualizaton
  • New Venture Due Diligence
  • Policy Development and Analysis
  • Business Model Development and Analysis
  • Business Plan Development
  • Management Support- Advisory or Senior Management Role
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Roles
  • Capital Formulation Strategy

We maintain excellent relationships within the global venture and financial communities and can move quickly to meet clients’ needs.



Management Consulting

We provide a wide range of management consulting services and have a successful track record serving clients worldwide.


Our services include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Market Studies
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Planning
  • Technical and Operations Planning
  • Global Alliance Negotiations Support
  • Advisory Board Development
  • Turnaround Management.

We also assist senior level executives in developing and executing winning strategies addressing new opportunities, pursuing organic or acquisition growth



Global Entrepreneurship Market Programs

Gemini Business Group e targeting several areas we believe will play a key role in helping leverage innovative  entrepreneurial programs and tools to create major new investment opportunities and jumpstart economic growth.

We are focusing on emerging ‘Intelligent City’ opportunities and how to leverage these platforms to drive job creation, economic growth and global commerce. The firm’s Managing Partner has been closely involved with some of these initiatives and will lead this practice area.

A related focus area will be inner-city entrepreneurial empowerment programs designed to create new jobs and economic growth in inner cities using creative entrepreneurial entrepreneurship programs coupled with mentoring and business alliances. The firm’s Managing Partner has created a related program working with a leading university and foresees significant investment and partnership opportunities and high growth in this area.

the firm will be scheduling global entrepreneurship seminars and programs to address the needs of government and commercial clients worldwide. Paul B. Silverman, Managing Partner, will lead most seminars and also be accepting

global speaking engagements to share his insights and experiences on global entrepreneurial strategy management, entrepreneurship policies,  entrepreneurship trends, best practices, strategies, and lessons learned.

Four entrepreneurship seminars are currently being offered:

GBG-01         Entrepreneurial Management:  Strategies, Tools, Perspectives for Successfully Driving Business and Economic Growth   (One Day) 

GBG-02         Entrepreneurship: A Powerful Tool Driving Business and Economic Growth-Opportunities and Outlook (Half-Day)

GBG-03         Helping Emerging Firms Succeed in the Global Market (Half-Day)

GBG-04         Strategic Alliances – Why Some Succeed, Why Some Fail – Lessons To Be Learned  (One Day)

Seminars can be customized to meet clients’ needs. For additional information, please contact the firm.



Launching new Triple E – Entrepreneurial Education and Empowerment Programs

The Triple E Programs are a new three-tiered initiative launched by the Gemini Business Group to promote global entrepreneurship.

You will be hearing more about the Triple E initiative in coming months as we formalize the Program’s Advisory Board with members in the U.S. and abroad. For Triple E Program highlights and upcoming publications click here








Next Steps…

If you want additional information or want to discuss your specific requirements, please contact the firm.